Dining in Shiprock

Kentucky Fried Chicken
This is a fast food restaurant that serves a variety of chicken. Original recipe chicken, grilled chicken, colonel chicken strips, hot wings, potato wedges, cole slaw and home style biscuits are some of the types of food that people can find on the menu. Kentucky Fried Chicken is a great choice for people who want to quickly grab something to eat.

Bamboo Chinese Restaurant
As its name suggests, this restaurant serves a variety of gourmet Chinese food. Egg roll, vegetable egg rolls, sesame chicken, Shanghai chicken, fried vegetables and mango beef are some of the many tasty choices on the menu. Bamboo Chinese Restaurant is a great option for people who want to eat gourmet Chinese food for a great price.

Longhorn Steakhouse Restaurant
This restaurant is an excellent choice for a romantic date or a group outing. Bacon wrapped sirloin, shrimp scampi sirloin, molten lava cake and bacon stuffed filet are some of the featured menu items. This restaurant also has a variety of specialty beverages, including blackberry iced tea and Longhorn limeade.

This is a fast-food restaurant that serves a variety of subs and salads. It has a number of healthy choices including the black forest ham sandwich, the veggie delight sandwich, the oven roasted chicken sandwich, the turkey breast sandwich, and the subway club sandwich. Apple slices, yogurt parfait, cookies, and apple slices are some of the side items that people have to choose from at this restaurant.

Chat and Chew Restaurant
This is a café that serves breakfast, brunch, and lunch. The Cajun catfish po boy, the veggie burger, turkey burger, the roast turkey dinner, and the classic grilled cheese sandwich are just a few of the entrees that Chat and Chew Restaurant serves. This restaurant also serves delicious desserts, including the ice cream float, Stewart's orange cream and soda and milkshakes.

Little Caesar's Pizza
This restaurant serves a variety of pizza. Deep-dish pizza, veggie pizza, ultimate supreme pizza, and three-meat treat pizza are some of the different types of pizza that the restaurant serves. Not only does this restaurant serve tasty pizza, but it also serves a variety of side items. Some of those side items include Italian cheese bread, bread sticks, pepperoni cheese bread, and Caesar wings.