Special Events in Shiprock

Northern Navajo Nation Fair
This four-day fair is held every August in Shiprock on the Navajo reservation. The event is the oldest annual event in Shiprock. The Northern Navajo Nation has been holding the fair for more than 100 years. The fair is a celebration of the harvest season and is a time for rejoicing, feasting, and coming together in a spirit of brotherhood. The event includes powwows, the crowning of Miss Northern Navajo, foot races, a parade, and an Indian market. The event is very popular and it brings in more than 100,000 visitors every year.

Ye'ii Bi' Chei
At the same time the Northern Navajo Nation Fair is being held, there are many Navajo that are participating in a much more solemn event. The Ye'ii Bi' Chei is a sacred healing ritual that takes nine days to complete. Medicine men and masked dancers complete the ritual to ensure the future prosperity of the tribe. Visitors are allowed to watch the dancers perform the ceremony, and it is quite a magical spectacle to behold.

Shiprock Marathon
This long distance run is held every May in Shiprock. The marathon's 26.2 miles are run in the heat of the desert, so it makes it one of the more challenging marathons for competitors to reach the finish line. Those participants who do not want to run the full distance in the desert heat can also choose to compete in a half marathon or a 10-kilometer trail hike. There is also a really cute kids' run. Participants have the option of completing the Shiprock Marathon in five-person, coed teams. This option is a big hit and is one of the main draws for participants in the event.

Shiprock Revival Crusade
This annual event has only been held for four years so far in Shiprock, but it has been rapidly growing in popularity each year. The revival brings in Christians from all over the Four Corners area to join in a celebration of music, ministry, fellowship, and love. Even non-believers like to attend this event to enjoy the magnificent music that is at the heart of the Shiprock Revival Crusade.

Dine College Art Show
This art show is a celebration of Native American artwork that is held on the campus of Dine College. The school is the oldest Native American tribally-managed college in the nation, so most Native American artists take pride in displaying their work on the campus.